Monday, February 23, 2009

Senator Chambliss Replies

Last week I sent an e-mail to Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. He was recently re-elected and is now into his second term. I wrote to ask for his position regarding the stimulus legislation working its way through Congress at the time and to ask that he be proactive in the debate, rather than falling back on a partisan-only position of, "No!"

The reply I received was not satisfactory and I have, this morning, written to tell him so. Instead it was a talking-points-memo style generic reply intended to paint a picture of a 100% irresponsible President and Democratic Congress and a 100% responsible Republican loyal opposition.

Senator, we both know that is pure crap and I deserve a better answer. Perhaps others among your consituents are satisfied with the party line, but I am not, sir.

If Senator Chambliss continues to invest in this kind of non-leadership as his way of representing the diversity of his fellow Georgians, he is going to be getting a lot of e-mail from me and from the millions of others who are ready to have leaders who actually LEAD, rather than follow the out-dated politics of our previous President and his ilk.

Many Georgians believe they deserve better. I know I do.

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