Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chambliss vs Martin

It is all-but-official - there will be an early December runoff election to determine who will represent Georgia as our United States Senator beginning in January. The incumbent, Saxby Chambliss, has been a reliable Republican vote and strong supporter of both domestic and foreign policy programs of President Bush.

Consider Senator Chambliss' record:

On education: Senator Chambliss supported the interests of the National Association of Elementary School Principals 0% of the time in 2005.

Sen. Chambliss supported the interests of the National PTA 0% of the time in 2003-2004

On Children: Senator Chambliss supported the interests of the Childrens' Defense Fund 9% of the time in 2003-2004, 0% in 2005, 0% in 2006 and 40% in 2007.

We know he has been a rubberstamp supporter of the Iraq war, failing to question, failing to assess, failing to lead on this crucial issue.

Finally, Senator Chambliss continues to support the national sales tax despite the repeated calls from economic and tax experts to abandon it as unworkable and unfair to lower income people.

As for Jim Martin, I join many of you in the belief that he is an uninspiring candidate. Still, he has a strong record of service, is a thoughtful and hard working public servant and is the only choice for any of us seeking change in our country. He believes as I do that unfettered, unregulated big business is part of the problem we now find ourselves in, not part of the solution. Jim Martin agrees in the priority of helping the middle class, not the top 2%.

Still, turning out significant numbers of progressive voters for a December runoff won't be easy.
I hope that others remember the shameful campaign of 2002 that first elected Saxby. There is no forgiving his negative, destructive treatment of a triple-amputee war veteran as being "unpatriotic". There is no excuse for such tactics in Georgia politics. None.

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